10" Mink Yaky 100% Human Hair Wefts by the Foot, 30 Light Auburn

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30 Light Auburn 10" Mink Yaky human weaving hair by the foot

Mink Yaky 100% human hair from Black N Gold is a common grade human hair that's great for streaks, fringes, and short-term extensions. The hair is single wefted but fairly thick, and is sold in 12" (30 cm) wide pieces, perfect for making bangs, streaks, or adding highlights.

Length: 10" (25 cm).

Texture: Yaky.  Hair is mostly straight, but has a very fine crimp that makes it feel more thick and coarse than European/silky hair.

Color:  30 Light Auburn.

Care Instructions: These extensions are made from 100% human hair, and can be curled and straightened just like your real hair.