100% Synthetic Glow In The Dark Hair, 12" (6" Folded)

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Glow in the dark 12" 100% synthetic hair extensions

100% synthetic polyprophelene glow in the dark braiding hair. This hair is white under normal light and glows bright green in the dark. It will glow brighter if you let it "charge" in the sun or under a bright light a bit.

Weight: A large size bag has the same volume as a standard package of jumbo braid; it weighs less because of the shorter length. Medium is half the volume of a standard bag, and small is one quarter of the volume. You'll need around 6-10 large size bags for a full head of extensions.

  • Small: 0.22 oz (6.25 g)
  • Medium: 0.44 oz (12.5 g)
  • Large: 0.875 oz (25 g)

Length: 6" folded, 12" unfolded (15 cm folded, 30 cm unfolded).

Texture: Slightly kinky yaky texture.  The coating on this type of hair has a sort of powdery texture and the strands are a bit stringy because of it; before use, we recommend doing an ACV rinse to remove the coating, then combing it once it's dry.

Color: White in regular lighting, and glows neon green in the dark. This color is also UV reactive and will turn light greenish yellow under a blacklight.

Care Instructions: Since this hair isn't kanekalon, dreads made entirely from it may not hold up as well over time, but it will work for streaks or blends. The dread in the pictures was sealed with boiling water and laid out flat to dry on a towel until it cooled. It was a little bit fragile when it was still hot (looked like it would unravel) but it stiffened up a bit once it cooled off.

Unlike most types of 100% synthetic braiding hair, glow in the dark hair melts under an open flame similar to kanekalon; it does not burn or turn black.