14" Bamboo Twist, Electric Purple (RastAfri)

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Bamboo Twist braid is a kinky, sectioned type of braiding/crochet hair that loosely resembled puffy, kinky, untwisted dreadlocks. It can be used to make krinklepuff falls, braided or crochetted into your hair as is, or used to make extra sturdy braids or twists. Bamboo Twist looks very similar to marley braid, except it's got tiny ringlet curls at the ends instead of staying kinky all the way down.

Length: 14" folded, 28" unfolded (35 cm folded, 70 cm unfolded).

Weight: 3.0 ounces (85 g).

Texture: Sectioned hair with a very kinky, fluffy texture. Electric Purple looks a lot like marley braid, but it's much softer, comparable to a crimped version of Freed'm Silky Braid.

Brand: RastAfri.

Color: Electric Purple (label as "Electric PP" on the packaging). Electric Purple is a nice, bright purple that's a tiny bit darker than Purple kk jumbo braid, and not quite as dark are Dark Purple kk jumbo braid and marley braid.

The last three product pictures are color comparison shots that show the following:

  • Electric Purple on the left and Eggplant on the right. Both colors are bamboo twist.
  • Medium Purple marley braid on the left, Electric Purple bamboo twist in the middle, and Dark Purple marley braid on the right.
  • Dark Purple kk jumbo braid on the left, Electric Purple bamboo twist in the middle, and Purple kk jumbo braid on the right.
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