15" Three Tone Micro Striped Clip-In Streaks

I Kick Shins
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100% synthetic clip-in streaks measure 1.25" wide and 18" long, and are mounted on weave clips for a secure hold. These are a great cruelty-free alternative to feather hair extensions; the stripes are close enough together that they slightly resemble grizzly feathers. Pricing is per streak.

Size: 1.25" (3.18 cm) wide, 15" (38 cm) long.

Texture: Straight.

Color: Each streak has three colors: one with black stripes on the right, one solid in the center, and one with black stripes on the left. Available color combinations are:

  • Neon Violet/Brown/Orange
  • Turquoise/Brown/White
  • Yellow/Brown/Orange