17" Marley Braid, 1B Off Black/Emerald Green Mix (I Kick Shins)

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17" I Kick Shins marley braid in 1B Off Black/Emerald Green Mix

Marley braid is a kinky, sectioned type of braiding hair that loosely resemble puffy, untwisted dreadlocks. It can be used to make krinklepuff falls, braided into your hair as is, used for wrapping faux locs, and is great for twists.

Length: 17" folded, 34" unfolded (43 cm folded, 86 cm unfolded).

Weight: 2.2 ounces (62 g).

Texture: Sectioned hair with a very kinky, fluffy texture. Please note that our current stock for this color is very, very loose at the top; the individual sections aren't as tight as most other marley braid, and the wave towards the top isn't as kinky as down at the ends. Please refer to the third product picture for a better look at how loose the sectioning is at the top.

Brand: I Kick Shins.

Color: 1B Off Black/Emerald Green Mix.  This color is a blend of equal parts 1B Off Black and Emerald Green.

In the fifth picture, Kayce is wearing faux locs made from marley braid in Dark Green and 1B Off Black/Emerald Green Mix.  1B Off Black/Emerald Green Mix is the darker of the two colors.

The last two product pictures are color comparison shots that show the following: