10 New RastAfri Colors~ Pastels and Ombré Galore!

RastAfri has majorly expanded their Classic Braid line, and we've got the pastel and rainbow stock to prove it! :)

Four solid pastel colors are now available:

  • Pastel Pink
  • Snow White
  • Lavender
  • Sky Blue

These colors were already in stock for other brands, but weren't previously available for RastAfri Classic Braid.

And there are also six brand *NEW* blended ombré shades!

These are blends of regular kanekalon, not multicolored high heat kanekalon, so they're easy to seal with steam or boiling water.  They behave the same way as any other solid or blended kanekalon colors.

  • Bubblegum Ombré
  • Citrus Ombré
  • Lemon Lime Ombré
  • Seafoam Ombré
  • Azure Ombré
  • Lilac Ombré

Azure Ombré and Lilac Ombré are similar (but not identical) to I Kick Shins Blue Ombré and Violet Ombré.  They're great to use together to add a little more depth to a style! The other four colors are pretty distinct from any of the other shades we carry.