Diversity Hair Kanekalon Color Name Guide

Diversity Hair Kanekalon Color Name Guide

Posted by I Kick Shins on Dec 2nd 2016

What happens when two companies with a ton of colors combine forces, aside from a whole lot of awesome hair in one place?  Duplicate color names, that's what!

Some of Diversity Hair's kanekalon jumbo braid colors are the same as shades we already carry under different names, and others have names that are the same as different colors in our line.  We've renamed them to match with our color chart so that when we start producing new stock, they'll have their own niche in our little hair world.

In the meantime, you can use this conversion chart to get accustomed to the new names! 

If a color isn't listed, it either retained its original name, or it isn't online yet.  We will update this list as needed while we continue to add the rest of Diversity Hair's kanekalon to the website.

We've also added the original names to the search keywords to any color that's been renamed, so if you search for the old name, the correct hair will still come up.  In the example below, we renamed Diversity Hair's "neon blue" to "royal blue," because it's the same color as the kanekalon we already carry called "royal blue."  A search for "neon blue kanekalon" will bring up the color under its new name.