Tips and Tricks: How to make a party wig look fabulous

There is a time and a place for costume store party wigs, and that is Halloween. Stand out from other party store shoppers with a few of these simple tricks!

  • Wear a wig cap underneath. They're cheap and they keep your hair under control. You won't be stuck fighting flyaways, and getting your hair flat under the cap will help your wig sit better over it.
  • Sew a few weave clips around the hairline. This is especially helpful for updos, and if you're wearing a pigtail style, it will help keep your wig's part front and center where it should be.
  • If your wig came in a plastic bag with a cardboard or paper insert, it's probably a little misshapen from the packaging. No mannequin head? No problem! Take something from around the house to prop it up on. Pitchers and vases are good for this. Hang your wig up on the most head-shaped thing you've got from the moment you buy it until the moment you wear it.
  • Wig's still a little funky? Boiling water and steam can help set it right. Try to get it to the intended shape, then pour or dunk boiling water as needed.
  • If you need curls, wrap the hair around curlers, PVC pipe, a soda can... whatever! If it's cylindrical and won't melt, it can probably learn to be a curler ;) Boil some water in a tea kettle, wrap the hair around it, pour the water over it in the sink or tub, and let it dry and cool. Voila, curls!
  • Want waves? Braid your hair and follow the directions above. For loose waves, do a few big, chunky braids. For a wild, 80's crimp, go for something smaller.
  • The same logic applies for straight hair. If your wig is bent when it ought to be straight, lay it out flat or hang it straight, apply boiling water or steam, and let it cool and dry.
  • If your wig is a different color from your real hair, consider hair mascara or spray on color for your roots. Your wig cap and the wig itself will do most of the work, but if it slips a bit, a little color will help hide it.
  • And most importantly, try your wig on before you plan to wear it out. Even if you aren't planning to do any other styling, playing around with a few bobby pins in the mirror and getting a feel for how the wig sits will be helpful when you're getting ready to go out Halloween weekend.

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