We adore getting in new Adore!  Meet Clover and Titanium :D

Like the old saying goes, when life gives you hair dye, make streaks.  Wait... what?



We just got in two new Adore semi-permanent hair dye colors and took them for a spin!

Clover is a dark, blueish green that's similar to Manic Panic Enchanted Forest and SFX Sonic Green.  It's a little darker than Adore Emerald.  It dilutes nicely to make a minty greenish color, so if you like to let your hair fade rather than do frequent touch-ups, this one's a winner!

Titanium is the slightly lighter version of Adore's Platinum dye.  It's a violet toner that you can use to go grey, but beware!  It's quite pigmented and will give you greyish lavender hair if you don't have many yellow tones to cancel out.  We tested it over ECW 613 Platinum Blond and got lavender.  Make sure to do a strand test if you're planning to use it on your own head, or on extensions that you don't have a back-up plan for.

You can find both colors in the Hair Color & Care Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Dye section in our catalog, and we've also got four sets of handmade clip-in streaks available in the Clip-In Extensions section: one set of solid Clover, one set of solid Titanium, and two two-tone sets.  The handmade extensions are one of a kind and will not be restocked once they sell out, so get 'em while you can! :)