Bulk Synthetic Silky Curls

Bulk Synthetic Silky Curls

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Silky curls are made from 100% synthetic hair and come in packages of four, doubled over to make 8 strands.

These are great for making a simple updo spectacular -- just pin a few curls into it for added volume and texture.

If you're making silky curl falls, you'll need around 2 bags per fall if you're cutting the hair in half to make them short, or 4 bags per fall if you're leaving them full length (so that's 4 bags for a pair of short falls, and 8 bags for a pair of long falls).

Bulk ordering discounts are available for silky curls.
Order 10+ bags of the same color and get 5% off! The shopping cart will automatically apply the discount when you add 10 of the same item to it.