Clip-In Dreads and Feathers, Black and Silver

I Kick Shins
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Handmade, clip-in extension made from a mix of manufactured dreads, chains, and feathers and mounted on black wig/weave clips. Each clip has a silver chain on the right side that's decorated with suede cords, beads, silver leaf charms, black feathers, and black, white, and grey spotted feathers. There are three manufactured wavy dreads in 1 Black hand-sewn across the rest of the clip, and each dread is decorated with a silver filigree dread cuff.

Because the dreads are manufactured and not handmade, they have a springy/spongey texture and are not heavily backcombed.

Size: 1.5" (3.81 cm) wide and 20" (50 cm) long at the longest point

Color: Black and silver.

Due to customs regulations, we cannot ship feathers to Australia or Italy.