Double-Ended Microdreads, Medium Brown with Gold/Blond Tips

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Double-ended microdreads in  Medium Brown with Gold/Blond Tips

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Package of 5 double-ended microdreads (folded over to make 10 strands).  These are quite thin and average about 1/8" (32 mm) in diameter at the thickest parts up at the top. 

These are backcombed and very good quality for manufactured dreads, although the loose part in the middle is a bit messy.  It'll look fine if you braid around it, or a quick steam could get it looking much better. This is a sample for a product that we decided not to carry, so there's just one bag available and then they'll be gone for good. 

Length: 20" (50 cm) folded, 40" (100 cm) unfolded.

Weight: 1 ounce (28 g).

Texture: Twisted, backcombed dreads.

Color: 10 Medium Brown at the top with a blended blond color at the tips.  The blend includes 22 Ash Blond, 613 Platinum Blond, 144 Gold, and a tiny bit of 10 Medium Brown.