EXTRA LONG Jumbo Braid

EXTRA LONG Jumbo Braid

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Professional quality, easy sealing 100% kanekalon jumbo braid hair. Perfect for dreads, braids, twists, curls, waves, and curly dreads! Sometimes it works out cheaper to buy one bag of extra long kanekalon and cut it in half instead of getting two bags of regular -- make sure to compare prices if you're looking for the best deal :)

Most of the products in this category are X-Pression Ultra Braid from various brands, and we also carry Rapunsel Braid by RastAfri, which is extra long kanekalon that's not the same texture as X-Pression, and a few colors by LQQKS that are not made from kanekalon. The quality for the non-kk hair is nicer than most 100% synthetic pp fiber, but it doesn't shrink down or respond to heat as well as kanekalon.

Extra long kanekalon is also great for elaborate updos and hairpieces because of the length. You can get seriously creative when you've got twice the hair to work with!

Bulk ordering discounts are available for extra long kanekalon jumbo braid.
Order 10+ bags of the same color and get 5% off! The shopping cart will automatically apply the discount when you add 10 of the same item to it.