High Heat Kanekalon Braid, Electric Teal

I Kick Shins
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High heat kanekalon is a type of synthetic fiber used for wig making, braids, and dreads. It's quite durable and tough, and has a heat resistance of 250°F (120°C), sometimes higher. It's much softer and silkier than kanekalon and can be a bit slippery. It comes in a considerably wider range of colors than regular kk, though, so sometimes it's worth the effort to work with!

High heat kanekalon does not shrink down like regular kanekalon and will stay quite soft even when it's set.

Boiling water generally isn't hot enough to seal high heat kanekalon. We recommend using a steamer or a wet wash cloth and straightener to seal dreads. High heat kanekalon is best suited for crochet dreads. For braids, it's best to seal the ends with rubber bands or thread, or use a damp cloth/straightener (like with dreads).

Length: 24" folded, 48" unfolded (60 cm folded, 120 cm unfolded).

Weight: 2.8 ounces (80 g).

Texture: Smooth, only very slightly kinky yaky texture.

Brand: I Kick Shins.

Color: Electric Teal.

The third picture shows Electric Teal on the left and Blue Raspberry on the right. Blue Raspberry is a little darker and more blue than Electric Teal.

The fourth picture shows Turquoise, Electric Teal, and Light Petrol Green. Electric Teal is brighter and a little greener than Turquoise, and blue than Light Petrol Green. Turquoise and Light Petrol Green are regular kk jumbo braid, not high heat.

The last picture shows Electric Teal under blacklight. It reacts very strongly and glows as a bright sky blue color.

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