High Heat Kanekalon Braid, Peachy Keen

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Full length view of Peachy Keen kk braiding hair

Professional quality 100% kanekalon jumbo braid hair. Great for dreads, braids, twists, curls, waves, and curly dreads! This type of kanekalon has a very high resistance to heat (similar to ShapeShifter Monofiber) and tends to stay quite soft even when it's set.

We recommend using high heat kanekalon for braids; for dreads, you may get better results making transitionals from regular kanekalon. In any case, this hair will seal softer and squishier.

We recommend using a steamer or a wet wash cloth and straightener to seal dreads. High heat kanekalon is best suited for crochet dreads. For braids, it's best to seal the ends with rubber bands or thread, or use a damp cloth/straightener (like with dreads).

Length: 24" folded, 48" unfolded (60 cm folded, 120 cm unfolded).

Weight: 3.5 ounces (100 g).

Texture: Smooth, only very slightly kinky yaky texture.  High heat kanekalon is very soft and somewhat slippery compared to regular kanekalon.

Brand: I Kick Shins. 

Color: Peachy Keen (Baby Pink at the top, a medium raspberry pink in the center, followed by a pinkish peach and light peach/orange at the tips).  This color is not a blend; the individual strands are black and the top and colored at the tips.

The last three pictures are color comparison shots and customer photos that show the following:

  • Peachy Keen on the left, Light Pink on the top right, and Turkish Delight on the bottom right.  Light Pink is a little bit lighter than the pink in Peachy Keen, and Turkish Delight is a bit darker and more saturated than the darker pink in Peachy Keen.
  • Peachy Keen on the left, and Baby Pink, Strawberry, and Orange kk jumbo braid from top to bottom on the right.  Baby Pink and Strawberry are fairly close matches to the pink shades in Peachy Keen.  Orange is much darker and brighter than the peach color at the tips.  A handmade blend of oranges, whites/blonds, and a bit of pink would be a good way to get a closer color match.
  • Customer Mikaela wearing a full head of braided extensions in Peachy Keen.