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Processing times are Monday-Friday and do not include shipping times.
35-40 business days: Custom/Handmade Color Rings.

5-10 business days: Loose Falls, Silky Curls, Krinklepuffs, Cyberlox Falls, Streaks/Fringes, and Color Samples.

1-3 business days: Cyberlox/Crin, Braiding Hair, Weaving Hair, Plastic & Foam, Hair Color, Installs & Styling, Hair Feathers, Hair Accessories, Goggles & Lashes, Mini Top Hats, Jewelry, Thrift Shop, and Clearance.
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Jewelry section are
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supplies last!

    - Loose Falls
    - Silky Curls
    - Dreads
    - Krinklepuffs
    - Cyberlox Falls
    - Streaks/Fringes
    - Hair Feathers

    - Cyberlox/Crin
    - Braiding Hair
    - Weaving Hair
    - Prebonded Hair
    - Angelina Fiber
    - Plastic & Foam
    - Hair Color
    - Installs & Styling
    - Color Rings

    - Hair Accessories
    - Goggles & Lashes
    - Mini Top Hats
    - Jewelry
    - Thrift Shop!

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Now available in the Cyberlox Falls and CLEARANCE sections!

Want some cyberlox for festival season but don't have a lot of cash? We've got you covered ;)

Ten different colorways of discounted cyberlox falls are now availabkle in the Cyberlox Falls and CLEARANCE sections -- they're priced up to 55% off retail, and the premade and ready to ship immediately.
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