Kanekalon Jumbo Braid, Lime Green (Anytime Collection)

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Professional quality, easy sealing 100% kanekalon jumbo braid hair. Perfect for dreads, braids, twists, curls, waves, and curly dreads!

Length: 26" folded, 52" unfolded (66 cm folded, 132 cm unfolded).

Weight: 2.8 ounces (80 g).

Texture: Kinky jumbo braid texture, comparable to Bobbi Boss and kinkier than RastAfri Classic.

Brand: Anytime Collection.

Color: Lime Green (labeled as "green" on the packaging).  Solid bright green that's a bit darker than Neon Lemon Lime.

The fifth picture shows a set of single-ended dread extensions made from kk jumbo braid in 1 Black, 60 Silver White, Lime Green, and Emerald Green, and the sixth is a color comparison with Lime Green on the left and Neon Lemon Lime on the right.

In the seventh picture, customer Christina is wearing chunky handmade synthetic dreads in a mix of Lime Green and Emerald Green.  The lighter of the two colors is the Lime Green.

Customer Z's awesome dreaded mohawk in the eighth picture is made from Lime Green, Purple, and Turquoise kk jumbo braid.

In the ninth picture, customer Siobhan is wearing a full head of dread extensions in 1 Black and Lime Green.

In the last picture, Regina is wearing synthetic dreads made by customer Kay.  The dreads are made from kk jumbo braid in 1 Black and Lime Green.

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