Lollipop Elastic Hair Ties

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Lollipop ouchless hair elastic packs

Ouchless hair elastics are glued together at the seam rather than having an uncomfortable metal piece. These are packaged in a whimsical lollipop shape -- fun for gift giving! There are 24 bands total, with groups of 6 wrapped around a piece of cardboard in the center to create the "candy". They are wrapped in clear plastic and fastened with a decorative ribbon around the stick.

Size: 24 bands per package.

Color: Available in six different color assortments:

  • Pink: Includes various shades of pink, from pastel to bright magenta.
  • Blue: Includes various shades of blue, from baby blue to turquoise.
  • Purple: Includes various shades of purple, from lavender to violet.
  • Blue/Silver: Equal mix of metallic sky blue and silver bands.
  • Red/Green/Gold: Equal mix of metallic red, green, and gold bands.
  • Red/Green/Silver: Equal mix of metallic red, green, and silver bands.

The Pink, Blue, and Purple colorways are matte, and the rest are metallic.