Current Processing Times
Processing times are Monday-Friday and do not include shipping times. (more info)
35-40 business days: Custom/Handmade Color Rings.

10-20 business days: Silky Curls, Cyberlox Falls, and Color Samples.

3-5 business days: Streaks/Fringes, Cyberlox/Crin, Braiding Hair, Weaving Hair, Prebonded Hair, Tinsel Hair, Angelina Fiber, Plastic & Tubing, Hair Color, Installs & Styling, and non-custom Color Rings.
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Lexy kanekalon jumbo braid
is on CLEARANCE for $1.99
per bag while supplies last!

    - Silky Curls
    - Cyberlox Falls
    - Streaks/Fringes
    - Hair Feathers

    - Cyberlox/Crin
    - Braiding Hair
    - Weaving Hair
    - Prebonded Hair
    - Tinsel Hair
    - Angelina Fiber
    - Plastic & Tubing
    - Hair Color
    - Installs & Styling
    - Color Rings

    - Hair Accessories
    - Goggles & Lashes
    - Mini Top Hats
    - Thrift Shop!

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By placing an order at I Kick Shins, you agree to all of the policies listed below. If you do not understand all or part of our policies, it is your responsibility to contact us prior to ordering for clarification. All of our policies are non-negotiable; we will not make exceptions to any of them for any reason.

Processing times
Definition: The processing time is the amount of time that passes from the day that you pay for your order until the day that we ship it. Processing times do not include the amount of time that your order spends in transit once it has been shipped.

Application: Your order is subject the processing time posted at the top of the website at the time of payment. If your order contains items with different processing times, then the longest time is the one that applies to it.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

General: We do not accept returns/exchanges for special orders, custom items, direct sale items, or clearance items. To be eligible for a return or exchange on an item that is NOT special order, custom, direct sale, or on clearance, you must notify us within 30 days and the return must be postmarked within 45 days of receipt of the original shipment. All items must be in their original, unopened packaging and clearly unused in order to be eligible for a return or exchange. If an item is returned to us opened, used, or late, we will not accept the return and the item will be sent back at the customer's expense.

Returns: A refund for the value of the goods will be issued once we receive the return. Please note that shipping is not refundable and will not be included in the refund.

Exchanges: The customer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with exchanges, including the return shipping of the original item as well as shipping for the replacement.

Incorrect/Damaged Items: In cases of incorrect (for example, the wrong color or size) or damaged items, we offer the option of either a replacement or a full refund as long as the item is clearly unused. We will cover all shipping costs.

Please note that we only check the PO box once per week, usually on Thursday or Friday afternoons, so your package might be there waiting for a few days before we receive it and are able to process your refund or send your exchange item.

Carriers & Fees: All orders in the United States are shipped USPS Express Mail, USPS Priority Mail, USPS First Class Mail, or USPS Parcel Post with delivery confirmation. First Class International, Priority Mail International, or Express Mail International are available for international shipments.

Fees & Import Duties: International orders may be subject to customs duties. We are not responsible for customs, VAT, or any other charges you may incur if you are an international customer. If a package is returned to us because of a refusal to pay import fees of any kind, the customer will receive a refund for the returned merchandise. If fees are a concern, it is the customer's responsibility to contact their country's customs office, postal service, and any other applicable agencies prior to ordering.

Please note that some of our products cannot be imported into certain countries (for example, the vast majority of our catalog contains items that cannot be sent to Italy). We strongly recommend researching import restrictions prior to ordering, as you may have to change or cancel your order if it contains items that we cannot ship to you.

Address: It is the customer's responsibility to provide us with a deliverable shipping address. If you do not provide us with your complete, correct shipping address and your package is consequently returned to us, you must pay shipping again before we will resend it. If a package is at the post office, it is the customer's responsibility to pick it up before it is returned to sender. Order returned to us as unclaimed will be canceled.

Shipping Errors: If the USPS makes a mistake and returns a package even though the address was correct, we will reship it at our expense one time. If it is returned to us again, the customer must pay for reshipments thereafter.

Tracking/Delivery Confirmation
Domestic: All domestic orders are shipped through USPS with delivery confirmation. Delivery confirmation is not tracking and generally will only update when the package is delivered, unless there is a problem. The only domestic shipping method that has complete, detailed tracking is Express Mail.

International: First Class Mail International cannot be tracked; occasionally packages may be scanned while they are still in the United States, but it varies from shipment to shipment and they are not scanned once they leave the counter. It does not include delivery confirmation. Priority Mail International and Express Mail International do include delivery confirmation, however the level of detail varies by destination.

Insurance and Signature Confirmation
Insurance and signature confirmation are optional but recommended. Cost begins at $1.75 and increases as the insured value increases; click here for pricing. If you choose not to purchase insurance, we are not responsible for your package once it is shipped.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: if your package is delayed or missing, we cannot trace it if it is not insured. The USPS does not accept inquiries on uninsured packages.

We sometimes add signature confirmation to large orders free of charge; signature confirmation is also included for free for all domestic Express Mail shipments.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are in United States Dollars (USD). Prices are non-negotiable.

Sales Tax
All orders delivered in the state of California are subject to 9.25% sales tax.

General: We do not work on custom orders until we receive your payment. We accept payment via money order, concealed cash (at your own risk!), Paypal, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover), and Western Union. Sorry, no personal checks, no bank transfers, and no foreign currencies. Payment must be made in United States Dollars (USD). Cash and money orders are sent at your own risk; we are not responsible for them if they get lost in the mail. Cash and money order payments can be sent to:

Sarah Giaconi
PO Box 1886
Pacifica, CA 94044

Cash/Money Orders: Please note that we only check the PO box once per week, usually on Thursday or Friday afternoons, so your payment might be there waiting for a few days before we receive it.

When sending payment via cash or money order, you must provide your order number. If you do not provide your order number, processing for your order may be delayed.

Western Union: Please note that we pick up Western Union once per week, usually on Thursday or Friday afternoons, so your payment might be there waiting for a few days before we receive it.

Deposits: We do not accept deposits and we do not offer installment plans. Orders must be paid in full.

Cancellation: We cancel unpaid orders at the beginning of the second month of nonpayment. For example, any orders placed in January would be canceled at the beginning of March--regardless of whether they were placed January 1st or January 31st. If your order is canceled due to nonpayment, you will need to place it again.

Refunds: In the event that a refund is necessary, orders paid for via Paypal, Western Union, or credit card will be refunded via the method they were paid with. Orders paid for with cash or money order are refunded via company check.

Backordered and Discontinued Items
If an item is unexpectedly backordered, the customer has the following options:
- delete the backordered item, receive a partial refund, and have the remainder of the order shipped.
- wait for the backorder.
- replace the backordered item with an in-stock item. If the replacement item is priced differently than the backordered item, the total cost of the order will be adjusted accordingly.
- cancel the entire order and receive a full refund.

If an item is discontinued, that means our suppliers no longer carry the item and we cannot restock it. Because there is no actual backorder in this situation, the customer has the following options:
- delete the discontinued item, receive a partial refund, and have the remainder of the order shipped.
- replace the discontinued item with an in-stock item.
- cancel the entire order and receive a full refund.

Order revisions
Please make sure to order carefully. When you change your order, you are also restarting the processing time.

Names/Brands: The names of colors on our website do not necessarily match the names printed on the bags of hair that you will receive if ordering bulk hair. Because we carry multiple brands, we have many colors with the same names; for example, we have two colors labeled as "hot pink," but we list one of those shades as "neon magenta" because the two colors are completely different from each other.

This applies to cyberlox as well; we oftentimes do not use the manufacturer's names for colors, so the name on the color chart will not always match up to the name printed on the bag that you receive. If you need to know the exact brand name/color name as given by the manufacturer, it is your responsibility to contact us BEFORE ordering.

Discount Vouchers
If you have received discount vouchers from us (such as those awarded for customer gallery submissions and those that we post for sales), you may only use one voucher per order. We do not combine vouchers.

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