Red, Hot Pink, Pastel Pink, and Silver White Silky Curl Hair Falls

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Pair of handmade silky curl ponyfalls/hairpieces mounted on red elastics. The falls are approximately 9" long, but they're layered and tapered a bit to look more natural. This listing is for two matching falls to be worn as pigtails (or a very full ponytail).

Color: Red, Hot Pink, Baby Pink, and 60 Silver White.

Care Instructions: These extensions are 100% synthetic and cannot be dyed or styled with heat. Avoid brushing them as it will separate the curls.

To install, put your hair up into a ponytail or pigtails, then twist it up into buns.

Tie the falls onto the buns with the hair hanging down towards your face.

Then flip the falls up over the buns, and use bobby pins or bun pins to secure the strands and keep the buns hidden.

In the third picture, Daedal is wearing a pair of falls in this colorway.