Restock Calendar

Restock information is based on the latest information we have from our suppliers.  Please understand that the information here is approximate and may change.

Colors marked with an asterisk (*) are currently in stock in low quantities; the dates listed are when we'll have additional stock available. 

Once a product is back in stock, it will not be listed on this page anymore.  We post all restock updates on Twitter (even if it's just one color), and post about larger restocks and new releases on the Blog and our other social media accounts.

Braiding Hair

  • I Kick Shins 17" marley braid, 600 Silvery Snow - summer 2018.
  • I Kick Shins 17" marley braid, Powder Pink - summer 2018.
  • I Kick Shins kk jumbo braid, Bright Petrol Green - summer 2018.
  • RastAfri Classic kk jumbo braid, Amber - March.
  • RastAfri Freed'm Silky kk jumbo braid, 22 Ash Blond - late February-early March.
  • RastAfri Freed'm Silky kk jumbo braid, 220 Blond - late February-early March.
  • RastAfri Freed'm Silky kk jumbo braid, 613 Platinum Blond - late February-early March.
  • RastAfri Highlight Braid, 1B Off Black with Wintergreen Tips - this color is currently on backorder at RastAfri and we don't know when it will be back in stock. 

The following products will not be restocked once our current stock sells out.

  • Diversity Hair branded products - Diversity Hair is no longer manufacturing hair extensions, so as their kk jumbo braid, henlon, and marley braid sells out, most colors will be replaced with the same or similar colors/fibers in I Kick Shins brand.
  • I Kick Shins and Diversity Hair kk jumbo braid in Light Purple.  Our manufacturer has been unable to get materials for this color since late 2016, and we don't know if they'll be able to get it again.  If we find a new supplier for it, we'll make more, but we don't know if/when that will happen.
  • High heat kanekalon in Cool Grey, Lagoon, Lavender Ice, Light Orchid, Princess, Steel Blue, and Ultra Rainbow.
  • I Kick Shins marley braid in Baby Pink.
  • Kanekalon Silky Straight.
  • Bulk Synthetic Silky Curls.
  • Black N Gold, LA Trend, and Jazzy kanekalon jumbo braid.
  • All Black N Gold human weaving hair (ECW, Mink Yaky, Babysoft Yaky, etc).
  • Kanekalon wefts by the foot.
  • All products listed in the clearance section.