Saran/Tinsel Blend Hair, Teal Fizz

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Saran/tinsel blended hair is a mix of synthetic saran hair and crinkle hair tinsel.  It's heat sealable and will hold its shape once dry and cool, but it will not shrink down like kanekalon does.

To seal, use a steamer or boiling water, and let it completely cool off and dry.

Length: 19" (48 cm) folded, 38" (96 cm) unfolded.

Weight: 0.88 oz (25 g).

Texture: Very finely crimped, slightly rough texture for the crinkle tinsel and smooth/silky texture for the saran. 

Color: Teal Fizz.  This color is a blend of light teal saran hair and white opalescent crinkle tinsel.