Short N Shaggy Clip-In Bangs, Platinum Blond and Lavender

I Kick Shins
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Handmade human/synthetic blended hair bangs, mounted on black wig/weave clips for easy installation. These bangs have a seam along the top that looks best when covered with your hair or a headband. In the third picture, the bangs are held in place on the mannequin with a purple extra wide 4" headband.

Size: 6.5" (16.5 cm) wide and 8" (20 cm) long.

Color: A solid layer of 613 Platinum Blond on top, and a solid layer of lavender underneath. The lavender color was done with Adore Platinum hair dye over blond hair; Platinum is a violet toner that can either turn hair grey if it's got enough yellow tones, or make it very light purple if it's close to white.

Care Instructions: The bottom layer of these bangs is hand dyed with semi-permanent hair dye, which will fade with each washing. It's best to wash as little as possible, and when you do wash it, use cold water and diluted shampoo.

The blond top layer is made from a human/synthetic blend. The synthetic part of the blend has a high heat resistance, so it can withstand being curled, straightened, etc, however it cannot be dyed. The lavender bottom layer is 100% human hair.