Single-Ended Manufactured Dreads, 118 Blood Red

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Single-ended manufactured dreads in 118 Blood Red

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Package of 5 single-ended manufactured dreads (folded over to make 10 strands). The loops at the top are very tiny, so we recommend using a crochet needle, latch hook tool, or beading tool to thread your hair through the if you're installing them like regular SEs.

The quality of these is pretty typical for manufactured dreads -- they are very minimally backcombed and twisted smooth.  They look pretty and sleek, but they're not very durable.  The ends are well done and don't look like they'd easily unravel.

This is a sample for a product that we decided not to carry, so there's just one bag available and then they'll be gone for good. 

Length: 20" (50 cm) long.

Weight: 1.5 ounces (42 g).

Texture: Twisted, very lightly backcombed manufactured dreads.

Color: 118 Blood Red.