Synthetic Tube Curls, Cherry, Fuchsia, and Baby Pink Ombré

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Cherry, Fuchsia, and Baby Pink Ombré tube curls

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Package of 10 single-ended manufactured tube curls made from high heat kanekalon.  Although these look somewhat like very smooth, twisted dreads, they are not backcombed and are hollow on the inside.  Definitely curls, not dreads :)

This is a sample for a product that we decided not to carry, so there's just one bag available and then they'll be gone for good. 

Length: 19" (48 cm) long.

Weight: 2.1 ounces (60 g).

Texture: Twisted tube curls. 

Color: Bright cherry red at the top transitioning down to bright fuchsia in the middle and baby pink at the ends.